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On the road since 2010, I have traveled more than 100,000 road miles to 100+ National Parks, 25+ American States & 5 Foreign Provinces, and 3 Countries.

Much of the time has been solo in a van, but since 2015 I have been traveling between the van and an Airstream trailer with my full-timing partner; Kerri, and our two dogs (Byron and Moose).

Feel free to visit my personal blog if you would like to see more about our travels.
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  • Personal safety when living on the road

    Safety is paramount. Your well being is concern number-one anywhere and everywhere you go. It is a must… to stop and think about the possible security issues when you pull up to your next location. As is true with any form of travel, be it a run to your local grocery store or a 3000…

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  • Boondocking basics

    The phrase "boondocking" generally means free off-the-grid camping. Some free camping can be found at truck stops, rest areas, and some big-box stores like Walmart or Home Depot, although with a usual limitation of a single night stay only. Most people consider boondocking as the free camping out in the ‘boonies’ in our public lands such…

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  • Vanlife essential – Going potty

    During my time living in a van I often get questions from others on what they may need to get started themselves. Most of us tend to overly complicate what is actually a very simple lifestyle, myself included in my first few years. In fact, it took three full years of van living to fully…

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  • The cost of living in a van

    The typical image of a full-timer is a retired couple living on social security or a pension/retirement - or savings - to fund their time on the road. However, it is becoming more and more commonly that people continue to work while living on the road as opposed to waiting for retirement. No matter which way…

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  • Increasing MPG with these tips

    Driving or towing a larger vehicle, such as a van or RV, can really break the bank quickly. Fuel cost is one of the largest costs for any full-time traveler. We can all dream of getting 20+ MPG, but the realities of this lifestyle is very different. Most gasoline-engine RVs, vans, or truck & trailer…

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  • Favorite camping spots of the west

    I have spent the past seven years camping/living primarily in ‘the West’. An area from the Pacific Ocean to Colorado or there-about. To go much further East is to start leaving behind the free-camping available here in the West. In 2016 we stayed in some pretty spectacular places that deserve to be shared. This is far from complete list, as there are many more top-notch places. Instead, a short list of the places we have called home in 2016.

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  • Favorite Baja camping

    Part two of my favorite camping spots of 2016 continues with our stay in Baja, Mexico. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Mexico (safety and all) but my expectations of Baja camping was clear; sandy beaches and maybe even learning how to surf while eating a lot of tacos was the image in my…

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  • Yes, Baja is a great destination

    In early 2016, Kerri and I visited Baja for a three month trip and were simply blown away with many of the places and all of the people. I admit that there was some fear about going to Mexico in the months leading up to the trip, but that all fell away very quickly once…

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  • Buying Backpacking supplies part-2

    Finish off your backpacking supplies with a camp-stove, water-source, light, food, and other small items.

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  • Buying backpacking supplies part-1

    Buying a backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent without breaking the bank.

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